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Fri. Jan 26, pizza

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We occasionally provide live music free of charge if the music is licensed by ASCAP, one of the major music licensing companies to which we pay a subscription. We also pay a commercial rate that covers musical licensing fees for our over-the-air music. We support the protection of intellectual trade rights and understand the need for reasonable artistic remuneration. We remain licensed by ASCAP and can also play public domain and original live music not licensed by SESAC or BMI.

Peter Ausenhus, owner Worth Brewing Company

If  you have any questions contact SESAC:
SESAC (Headquarters)
35 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203


Worth Brewing Ølfest!

Worth Brewing Company in Northwood will celebrate winter in Scandinavian tradition, Saturday, February 03, 2024.

We will have a Scandinavian food plate, featured beers.

More details coming soon!

Check back for any events that are coming up!

Ølfest–Saturday–February 03, 2024

Mardi Gras Dinner Party–February 10, 2024

Bockfest–Saturday–April 27, 2024

Summer Session Smash–Saturday–July 27, 2024

Oktoberfest–Saturday–September 28, 2024






















Book Club

SipStitch Club

  • Olfest Puck Hunt

    The best treasure hunt of 2024! Follow our 2024 WBC Olfest Puck Hunt on Facebook. Event

    Clue One:

    I’ve lain in the cemetery, presided over the park. Nestled near the nature center and huddled in the dark. I’ve sheltered in the schoolyard, frolicked in the field. Watched the mighty Shell Rock suspended, covered and sealed. I do know much about history and baseball is my sport. The fairgrounds, too, has welcomed me, along with other vulcanized sort. In all of these places I’ve kept a brief abode till hunters snatched me free. This year I return to haunts of past, to that one secluded lair, in the hopes I’ll one day thwart the hordes and sleep til spring’s warm air.

    Clue Two:

    Down the hill where the water’s now still and the summer cacophony’s muted,runs a path through the trees by a river and some leas with a view of the city above. Backtrack across to the park on a lark, because none of this matters a whit. I live somewhere far so return to the bar, order a Blonde with some white Brussels’ Lace. But don’t settle in to the snug and tuck in–this hunt’s not a jaunt but a race.

    Clue Three:
    Centered in town where the young’uns come round and northwest where the old ones reside.
    Sits the monkey bars and swings, the fields and the rings. Lots of places to burrow and hide.
    Hit the books, wander round and perhaps I’ll be found but I doubt you’ll find satisfaction there.
    For although knowledge is power and I love the lunch hour, I’ve graduated–my locker is bare. 

    Clue Four:
    Gather your gear and head out with no fear but allow me to lend you a hand.
    This vulcanized lump sits dry–that’s no lie—like a river carp left on the sand. 
    Fishing around town for a puck to be found is a noble and healthy pursuit.  
    But I must persist, no water exists so please find higher ground on your route.

    Clue Five:
    Limestone and granite jut from the soil and stand firm.
    In 2017 this is where I escaped from the toil–did I learn?
    These rhymes annoy all so let’s keep the lines few.  
    It aint in the cemetery, how’s that for a clue?

    Clue Six:
    Getting close to the rubber lode and ready to take bets?
    Your ticket to free beer my friend aint where the cold sun sets.
    Instead it sits with roof above, sheltered off the cold, hard floor.
    But outside still, exposed and raw, a hidden secret no more.    

    Somewhere within the city limits of Northwood nestles a puck. The skilled puck hunter will win a prize from Worth Brewing!

    We’ll provide clues through social media every few days from Jan. 10 until the puck is discovered.

    “We thought this would be a fun opportunity for people to get out, exercise and discover Northwood,” said Worth Brewing co-owner Margaret Bishop.

    Worth Brewing Company’s annual Ølfest is a Scandinavian winter festival inside and out of the Brewery’s Tap Room on Northwood’s Central Avenue Historic District. There will be fires to keep you warm in the biergarten and Worth Brewing Company beers to warm your inner soul. The brewery crew will grill Ølfest Dogs all day. These Scandinavian potato sausages are made locally following the brewery’s own recipe.

    Contest details:

    1. One puck is hidden within the city of Northwood on public property. The puck is not hidden on private residential property so please don’t disturb or trespass on private property.

    2. The puck is above ground but no more than 6 feet high, although it may be obscured by snow, brush or other material.

    3. No Worth Brewing Company employees or direct family are eligible to participate.

    4. The puck may be discovered any time between Jan. 10 and Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. Clues will be disseminated through Facebook beginning on Jan. 10. until the puck is found. Please notify Worth Brewing Company immediately upon finding a puck as a courtesy to other hunters.

    5. The winner is declared when the official Ølfest puck is presented to and authenticated by Worth Brewing staff at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024. (Finder need not be present to win, but must turn pucks in before 7 p.m. on Feb. 3.

    6. The Ølfest puck hunt winner will win a prize. Prize details coming later this week. The puck is coded and the 2024 Winner will be announced at 7 p.m. on Ølfest.

    7. Play is open to all ages and no purchase is required to participate.

    8. Players hunt at their own risk. Worth Brewing Company and its affiliates are not responsible for injury, arrest, frostbite or bad manners.

  • Books A-Brewin’ Book Club meets once per month on the 4th Thursday at 7-8pm at Worth Brewing. Sign up at the QR code or use this link. 1 free root beer for each participant. Book Club open to all ages. Only those who are 21+ may purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. No purchase necessary.

    • November 30 (week late due to Thanksgiving)–discuss “Unspeakable Things” and hand out “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” John Donohue
    • December NO BOOK SCHEDULED
    • January 25–discuss “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” and hand out “The History of the World in 6 Glasses” Tom Standage.
    • February 22–discuss “The History of the World in 6 Glasses” and hand out next book
    • March 28
    • April 25
    • May 23
  • SipStitch Craft Club meets once per month on the 2nd Tuesday at 5-6pm at Worth Brewing. Sign up at the QR code or use this link. 1 free root beer for each participant. Sipstitch Club is open to all ages. Only those who are 21+ may purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. No purchase necessary.

    This club is open to crochet, knit, embroidery, or other crafts. Work on individual projects, while enjoying the company of other crafters. Beginners welcome, other members will be available to help.

    • January 9
    • February 13
    • March 12
    • April 9
    • May 7 (week early due to conflict)

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